We appreciate that you are considering being a part of the Northtown Pregnancy Center’s (NPC’s) ministry.  The volunteer positions listed below require client contact and do require a more extensive application process.  These positions also require background checks.  Each potential volunteer is required to complete extensive training and we will ask you to make a commitment of at least one year.  It is asked that you commit to at least one day a week for a four hour shift.  Because of the nature of the ministry our clients need to know that you are committed to them so we ask that you honor your commitment.

Please read the following volunteer position descriptions before checking the positions you are interested in on the intake form.

□    Client Advocate  -  complete extensive training and will work one on one with clients.
□    Nurses  -  RN’s or  LPN’s  - will perform pregnancy tests and deliver results to the clients.
□    Receptionist  -  assist with office tasks, greet clients,answer phones and make appointments.


Volunteer Agreement:

Recognizing that NPC is a Christian ministry, I openly acknowledge being a committed Christian who demonstrates having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I have read NPC’s Statement of Faith, Statement of Principle and Mission Statement and I am in complete agreement with the content of each.

I have a strong belief, commitment and dedication to the sanctity of all human life as taught in the Bible.  

I believe in chastity outside of marriage and in the sanctity of marriage as taught in the Bible and will commit to a lifestyle of sexual purity.

I accept responsibility for this ministry as an extension of our local church body and will act as an advocate on behalf of the women and men under my care and will give accurate information, emotional support and spiritual guidance. I will keep all information on the center’s clients in the strictest confidence according to NPC’s Policies and Procedures. I will continue to hold the confidences even after I am no longer a volunteer at NPC.

Attending and completing all Volunteer trainings and meetings will be a sincere priority in my schedule.  I will commit to serve with integrity and be willing to allow my life to be transformed as I serve Him in the ministry of Northtown Pregnancy Center.

Ways to Volunteer

  • Prayer Team 
  • Clerical/Administrative
  • Development Professionals
  • Client Advocates
  • Medical Professionals
  • Fundraisers

Prayer Team

The prayer team consists of people that we know will pray earnestly and fervently for the needs of Northtown Pregnancy Center. Requests and updates are sent out by e-mail regularly and the prayer team meets once a month in corporate prayer.​


Clerical and administrative volunteers answering phones, making appointments, helping with mailings, filing, etc.

Development Professionals

Grant writing, advertising and marketing specialists are needed to help fund and creatively promote the Center.

Client Advocates  

Client Advocates educate the clients with information on fetal development, abortion, parenting, STD’s, abstinence, life style changes, and most importantly the need of Jesus Christ in their life. Training is provided.​

Medical Professionals

​Physicians, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, nurses and sonographers willing to donate their time to provide direct and indirect services to our clients.